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  • |types = innkeeper, gypsy herbalist, fortune teller ...and 2 [[UO:Fortune Teller|fortune tellers]]. One of the [[UO:Banker|gypsy bankers]] can often also be found inside.
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  • =Banker, Gypsy Banker, and Minter= Bankers, Gypsy Bankers, and Minters are all types of [[UO:NPCs|NPC]].
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  • not long ago, there was one piece of news that well, a certain group of bankers kept secret. As each of the invasions occurred, the bank in each of those t ...ere robbed at the same times the invasions occurred. Banks were robbed and bankers killed, but in the two places I was able to find witnesses to the event, a
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  • * Gypsy bankers no longer give the appearance that they can train skills
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