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  • =Hit Harm Item Property= {{#dplvar:set|prop|hit_harm}}{{#dplvar:set|propBefore|Hit Harm }}{{#dplvar:set|propAfter|%}}
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  • ...r and graphic number, are not displayed by the client. Additionally a few items have hidden "NO DROP", self-repair, or other properties. * [[UO:Hit Chance Increase Item Property|Hit Chance Increase]]
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  • * The armorer in [[UO:Haven|Haven]] will now sell the proper items. *** Spellbook with Heal, Magic Arrow, [[UO:Night Sight]], Cure, Harm, Strength, Fireball, Poison, Teleport, Fire Field, Greater Heal, Lightning
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  • ...This document was updated at 11:30am CST, February 11, 2003 to include the items listed in blue.]] “Disarm” move, but will no longer give substantial information about items. Players will now be able to see all of an item's properties in a new menu.
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  • *** This effect can hit up to 3 additional players beyond the primary target ** [[UO:Gargoyle|Gargoyles]] receive a 5% bonus to hit that stacks with HCI and [[UO:skill bonus]].
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  • ...they have been given buffs in their speed, regenerative capabilities, and hit points. ** Increases [[UO:poison|poison]] hit [[UO:strength|strength]] by one if it has a [[UO:poison|poison]] attack (no
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  • ..., be making the pre uo:r days viable again? ie. mages with hally can insta hit people and then cast? |<font color="4682b4">Adrick</font>||we are not reinstating insta hit - although as you know precasting (hybrid characters) will continue to work
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  • ...mage but not kill the victim? If so, what can be done about people who get hit accidentally the commit suicide? ...em -- What about when a house has just collapsed, do you have to click the items to "unlock" or will they just move under house sign too??
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  • ...he problem affecting perfection which allows players to kill others with 1 hit from a weopon? |<font color="4682b4">MrTact</font>||You will give a specific NPC the items, and he will tell you how close you are getting.
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  • |<font color="4682b4">MrTact</font>||We came up with 6 big-ticket items. ...ting . . . for instance, letting them only stop for 1 tick, but have a big hit chance penalty, stop for 2 ticks for a small penalty, 3 ticks for no penalt
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  • * The Imbuing skill allows players to imbue items with magical item properties. The amount of skill determines how much of an * Many magical items (weapons, armor, etc) can be “unraveled” to produce a set of imbuing ba
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  • swing speed to immersion to how much treasure should a dragon drop when hit in the head. ...nts in many different ways to see which one works the best without causing harm to the service. We will use the patch message, webpage, in game bulletin bo
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  • ...n, and paralyze. In melee fights they can do up to 40 points of damage per hit to an unarmored player, 20 to 35 in full platemail. | loot_base = 2 Medium Level Mage or Necromancy Scrolls, Magic Items
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  • ...g, roleplayed thief, and harm the obnoxious, bank lurking, pkill-oriented, hit and run rude throwaway ghost thief ...lor="dc143c">Glamdring</font>||*Bosola* DD, can you specify what craftable items are planned for the skill patch? You have stated things like forges, spinni
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  • ...improve the monster AI. Better fighting tactics, able to pick up and move items out of their way, stuff like that. ...ncing on the other hand is fast but the damages it does are way too low to harm even a rat... swordsmanship is good only with halberds and so on... What do
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  • ====='Curious' Items===== New 'curious' items come as rare drops from doing [[UO:Trade Quest|trade quests]]:
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