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  • * A [[UO:Treasure Map|treasure map]] will be able to be used by those who do not own it, providing that they have enough [[UO:cartography|cartography * The ability to buy unlimited amounts of bread during the tutorial is being corrected.
    9 KB (1,396 words) - 00:28, 14 March 2017
  • ...hance that it will be stuck in the corpse. This doesn't work with players, who automatcally break arrow shafts that hit them. ;) *Inscribe has been fixed up, which should remove the duplicate spells in spellbook problem.
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  • Basic Communication: You can converse with other players who are on the NPCs: You can ask NPCs for directions to various businesses and landmarks
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  • |<font color="4682b4">DesignerD</font>||For those who are wondering what the background of that question is, basically, it's abou |<font color="dc143c">Leawood[LS]</font>||buy for existing houses)..?? Will it be implemented soon??
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  • ...a translator skill or something like that. To make it interesting. People who don't know the skill won't be able to hear each other. ...d in the aftermath of the FoA event (Armageddon?) True, PK's would have to buy T2A to PK, but... doesn't that at least follow your vision of rampant PKing
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  • ..., royal trade carts are finding themselves ambushed on Britannia’s roads. Who are these unknown attackers and what is their intent? Are they merely high : <span style="color:red;">Player:</span> I saw your ad, can I buy some maps?<br/><br/>
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