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  • ...ion of the developers, please /msg or /query the question takers that will be listed in the topic of the channel and have [QT] in front of their names. T ...use of Commons chat channel and the Developers will answer those that they can. Please /msg or /query different question-takers at different times, in ord
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  • |<font color="4682b4">EM&nbsp;Emile&nbsp;Layne</font>|| You won't be able to see much from here |<font color="dc143c">Lien Ragus</font>|| and places
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  • ...a lot of that complexity to the user, when really, the game should always be easy to use. Just difficult to master. ...) you might find yourself with years and years between releases, which can be bad for a career and also feels very unfulfilling as a developer. It makes
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