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  • Similar to the original Clean Up [[UO:Britannia|Britannia]] and subsequent Spring Cleaning events, you may now di * You may appraise items before [[UO:throwing|throwing]] them out. Select “Appraise For Cleanup” from a tras
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  • We have put HUNTING back into [[UO:Treasure Map|treasure maps]]! [[UO:Treasure Map|treasure map]] locations are now have randomized locations. Al * Added some [[UO:Imbuing|Imbuing]] Ingredients (On level 2+ maps)
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  • <span style="color:#657D92;">'''''UO Mania: Is there a cap for “Clean up Britannia” points? (ake)'''''</span <span style="color:#657D92;">'''''UO Japan: Please add wine racks that store bottles of wine. I want to see my b
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