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  • ...with throw-away intensity values on properties, and an overall improvement in the loot generated. ...levels there will be a renowned monster that can be spawned at a key point in the dungeon by summoning from an altar to give you a taste of the monster d
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  • ...being introduced. Below we have provided notes both for features included in the purchase of the booster pack as well as those that benefit all current * An Orc Ship is given as a quest item; you will receive the deed in pieces.
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  • ==The [[UO:Time of Legends]] Expansion== * This feature does not require the [[UO:Time of Legends]] expansion entitlement.
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  • ...[[UO:Publish 98]], the start was delayed to August 17th, 2017.<ref></ref> ...item that looks like a newspaper, rather than being posted out-of-game to
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  • * Physical gold piles will remain in the world. * All existing player-owned gold and checks that were located in the player’s bank box have been added to the player’s currency account
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