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  • ...being introduced. Below we have provided notes both for features included in the purchase of the booster pack as well as those that benefit all current * An Orc Ship is given as a quest item; you will receive the deed in pieces.
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  • ==The [[UO:Time of Legends]] Expansion== * This feature does not require the [[UO:Time of Legends]] expansion entitlement.
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  • turned on next week, we apologize for the delay, however due to a delay in our marketing mailers we have had to delay the start of the Return to Brita ...up some Guild Recruiting Stations. For any guilds that wish to participate in welcoming new and returning players to the game please visit New Haven and
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  • Originally posted 08 Sep 2009 10:55:58 by Chrissay Zeeman on the UO Herald: ...convenience, due to the length of the notes, we have put the publish notes in PDF format HERE. As it is easier to read them through the PDF format.
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  • ''Note: These was a typo in this publish notes. '86.3' should have read '86.0.3'.'' ...Vice vs Virtue players will be open to attack from other VvV players while in a non-consensual PvP facet.
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  • This meeting was held in English. It was logged by EM Emile Layne<ref> |<font color="4682b4">Bleak</font>||Not all the fonts in the EC support all languages
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  • * Physical gold piles will remain in the world. * All existing player-owned gold and checks that were located in the player’s bank box have been added to the player’s currency account
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  • This meeting was held in English. It was logged by Elydir<ref>{{Stratics Post|231422}}</ref>. |<font color="dc143c">Cap'n Greenleaf</font>||you dont respond to issues IN it
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