1996-01-09: The fourth land on the Ultima Online map

Posted to on 1996-01-09.

Title: The fourth land on the Ultima Online map

Poster: Ralphael Koster

Telavar dragon asked what the fourth land on the Ultima Online map is...

"it isn't Serpent Isle"...

Turn it upside-down. :) When Richard made the original four continents, he made one map, and rotated it three times with some minor touch-ups to get the other continents.

Eventually the lands of Lord British were remade into Britannia. You can see the similarity between even those four maps and Britannia, actually, although the Britannia layout is more reminiscent of Feudal Lords than of Lands of Lord british.

Later on, Serpent Isle was the continent of Danger and Despair.

When we made our map, we put Britannia in instead of Lands of Lord british (naturally). However, we also have northern and southern hemispheres, and realistic geography and climates and such. So Serpent Isle (lands of Danger and Despair) was flipped upside-down so that the cold regions were in the Antarctic.

Glad that the little map I drew for our internal web pages provided so much speculation for everyone, since you've got a bit of a wait till march! :)

-Designer Dragon