1997-03-10: Orc Battle Results in High Casualties

Global Edition

Orc Battle Results in High Casualties

Author: Polish Avenger Published: March 10, 1997

Britain - The ongoing war with the Orcs escalated this week after a small band of adventurers led by Lord British attacked an Orc encampment south of Britain. Several Orcs were killed in this fierce round of fighting, but their retaliation against groups of warriors was swift and deadly. Orcish captains quickly regrouped their armies and attacked many adventurers on the outskirts of the city the following day. Enemy advances across the western bridge just south of the watchkeep were swift and resulted in heavy casualties.

"It was a tragedy!" said a farmer who cautiously watched the battle with his family huddled up in their farmhouse. "We dared not even open our door once in fear that the Orcs would notice us. We are not fighters, but mere peasants who lead a simple life."

A group of inexperienced fighters trapped in an old, abandoned house near the bridge was barely able to contain the Orcish hordes that surrounded them. The fighters were eventually aided by an unidentified mage armed with a wand of fireballs who helped even the odds.

"Where were the guards when we needed them?" said one angered warrior who survived the massacre. "I pay my taxes, yet not one guard was to be found. If I had not taunted an Orc captain into chasing me into the city, I doubt the guards would have become involved."

Another survivor said it was if a more powerful breed of Orcs had emerged overnight. "The carnage was staggering and many of my companions died that day. These orcs are of a new breed--they fight longer and harder than any others I have known," he said.

One guard, who wished to remain anonymous, said he and his comrades were bound to protect the city. "Civil disobedience in Britain has been at an all time high and keeping us all very busy. Would you have us extend our jurisdiction to outside the city limits? There would be harsh outcry from the citizenry if we were to do that. Alas, we knew not of the massacre until it was too late."