1997-03-10: Royal Quest Proves Challenging, Even Deadly

Global Edition

Royal Quest Proves Challenging, Even Deadly

Author: Polish Avenger Published: March 10, 1997

A recent quest issued as a challenge by Lord British to all takers has proven to be one of the most exciting adventures in so many months. Although precise figures were not available at presstime, it is suspected that many who volunteered for the contest perished in the attempt to complete it. However, those who survived and succeeded say they thought it was well worth their while because of the prize — a red fire mace.

"If I had it to do all over again, I certainly would not hesitate to accept the challenge," said one warrior. "My new red fire mace will come in quite handy in the coming days as I battle Orcs, skeletons, undead, bandits, and others in the countryside who I consider my enemies. I do quite a bit of adventuring and now I have the security I require."

Participants were asked to begin by looking for a mysterious knight who had a golden key. Once they had the key in their possession, they had to proceed to the Orc Tower near the crypt where they faced numerous battles and puzzles. If they survived, they had to do battle with a Gold Knight. If they were successful, they received the prize.

Certain powerful mages report there has been widespread abuse of red fire maces in recent days and as a result, they may be forced to cast a spell rendering the weapons useless. We will keep you posted as developments.