1997-03-22: Knight Tag - A Deadly Game

Global Edition

Knight Tag - A Deadly Game

Author: Polish Avenger Published: March 22, 1997

Britain's guards have announced the emergence of a new, risky game being carried out by would-be warriors seeking to arm themselves with the latest in weaponry and armor. Nicknamed "Knight Tag" by some, the game has been blamed for several deaths near Britain's graveyard.

Similar to the children's game, Knight Tag involves adventurers who taunt roving, lone magical guards who have been seen recently near the graveyard. The object of the game is to slowly lure these guards into entering attack mode and draw them to follow you to the city where they are swiftly killed by city guards. Once the magical guards have perished, adventurers then loot their bodies for armor, weapons, even gold.

An adventurer defended the practice as her only means to gain more experience. "We come into the world with very little and have only our fists to defend ourselves with. While I have been fortunate in many cases obtaining food and clothing from strangers, it is rare that I have seen a sword or even a dagger just lying about. Aye, armor, too, is in short supply and beyond the means of most citizens. How else are we to survive in a place where random attacks are part of everyday life?"

The adventurer said she had heard of even more dangerous games to gain armor and experience. "I have heard tales of one named Hades who has held tournaments in the courtyard near Lord British's castle where warriors — and even former friends — fight each other to death to get armor as a prize."

The city's guards, who admit it can sometimes be hard for citizens to arm themselves, still warn against the practice of Knight Tag. As one guard put it, "There is no easy way to become a warrior, but playing Knight Tag is a game for fools."