1997-03-23: Llamas - More Than a Passing Fancy

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Llamas - More Than a Passing Fancy

Author: Polish Avenger Published: March 23, 1997

Recently, there have been reports of a strange and wondrous creature in the countryside known as the llama. Although not a native to Britain, the animal has been embraced by many citizens. This reporter has consulted with a noted, local animal expert to present some interesting facts about llamas:

Do llamas like people?

Yes, they do, as long as they feel as if humans are not threatening them. Llamas naturally have a curious nature and are interested in human behavior. But friendship with llamas is not automatic. Gaining the trust of a llama is a most rewarding experience.

Are llamas intelligent?

Yes, they are. They use on their keen eyesight and sensitivity to behavior to learn about their environment quickly. Llamas can be trained to do things, but one should not treat them like a dog or horse.

Are llamas affectionate?

Despite their cuddly appearance, llamas are not generally affectionate and therefore do not like to be handled or touched. In fact, being groomed with a brush can be a most painful experience for a llama.