1997-07-18: High Britannian Taxes

Global Edition

High Britannian Taxes

Author: Guardian X Published: July 18, 1997

Many people spread across Britannia are unhappy with the leadership of Lord British. Mainly because of the incredibly high Britannian taxes. If he would just lower them 10-20% his approval rating would go from 50% all the way up to 75%!! And if he could change some polices possibly even 80%! Now I will take some quotes from fellow Britannians. "Lord British is a gallant yet selfish leader!" , said Mr. Ocarain of Trinsic. The Mayor of Jhelom had this to say, "I believe he can improve!

But it will take a lot of time which I don't think he has!". Those are just two Britannians who are unhappy with the leadership of Lord British. Many Britannians told me that they would like to Lord British to show up at public events or maybe just observe the town for a public relations value. I choose the name Guardian X because my views may disagree with some fanatics and I may fear for my life. To all you Britannians who agree with my story please leave your opinions to yourself for it is far too dangerous for anyone but a political figure to say!