1997-07-18: SonofZep Killed Today

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SonofZep Killed Today

Author: Zep Published: July 18, 1997

SonOfZep was killed today in an accident by a palace guardsman. While defending the life of a shopkeeper from a villain, SonOfZep was mortally wounded by the enraged Guard during the scuffle. The Lord on duty has stated "there will be a full investigation into the matter but from eye witness accounts the guardsman was unable to distinguish the culprit from the hero."

He went on to state, "It is a sad day when crime has become so rampant that even our heroes are being killed whilst doing there heroic deeds."

SonOfZep is survived only by his father ZePaChoe. It has been rumored that SonOfZep has been seen in spirit form wandering the oceans.