1997-07-19: Dragon Runs Loose in City

Global Edition

Dragon Runs Loose in City

Author: Keith Published: July 19, 1997

Britannia - If you're a resident in Northern Britannia, your peaceful Sunday serenity may have been abruptly shattered by a small baby fire breathing...Dragon!

During a routine training session, Master Animal Tamer Duroc of Britain was distracted from his baby dragon, Caustic, when without warning the animal leapt to its feet and ran towards the city. Duroc began chasing the beast but to no avail.

"These animals are very fast, especially at a young age" reports Duroc, "Luckily my colleague happened to be with me, and I commandeered his trusty steed and was able to at least keep up with Caustic." While Duroc informed everyone this animal was, at most, just curious and was harmless, the people of northern Britannia were given quite a scare! Several guards finally entrapped Caustic and was able to lure him into a cage. No one was hurt, and some broken stands were all that resulted from this "curious" little dragon.