1997-07-20: Invisible Men Kill at the Orc Fort Near Vesper

Global Edition

Invisible Men Kill at the Orc Fort Near Vesper

Author: Llahlahk'je Published: July 20, 1997

Many lay dead due to anomaly exploitation in and around the Orc fort near Vesper early morning July 20th. Using the hiding anomaly which allows the user to remain virtually invisible, and as such, unattackable, 3 or 4 people in the fort began to slay those who happened by as well as prevent them from escaping by the placement of barrels. Those who managed to escape reported having items missing from their persons.

The confirmed death count is upwards of 7 or 8 people, though they were there for at least an hour and a half so it is unknown how many truly met their fates at the hands of these murderers. The murderers were specifically keen to notice various a member of the FH's, at which point they killed in the name of the League of Pirates, surely to add some tension to the clear waters of friendship between the two guilds.

(An image of the text appearing over one of the invisible murderer's head as he continued to kill a group of 3 people, only one of which was a [email protected]#!head.)

One of the people killed in this screenshot was Ithaqua Dralin, and he decided to remain to possibly catch the identities of these murders. After a time when more people came across the fort, he was surprised at what they said. When they began killing others they declared that they were FH's, using similar taunts as they used against the FH's.

Fortunately, Ithaqua managed to talk to 4 of the people who died and informed them that it was neither the League of Pirates or the FH's, but there were surely more killed before Ithaqua was around, so this attempt to stir up bad feelings may still have some effect.

Due to the two guilds being impersonated, this reporter can come up with two logical guesses as to which guild perpetrated this crime. The Pirates of Dark Water, adamant haters of the League of Pirates and not very keen on the FH's either, would surely love to see the two sides fight and make it easier to fight both of them. The Mercs have a similar view on things and have also been known to exploit anomalies in other online games. Due to the two guilds involved, it is fairly clear to this reporter that it was not a case of guildless action by a couple of friends, but rather a violent game played by a few members of a guild, a game with an alternate political agenda.

- Addendum -

Ceryx, one of the men killed at the Orc Fort near Vesper, has supplied me with the names of one of the attackers.

Akira, not a registered name with either the Mercs or the Pirates of Dark Water, has been confirmed as one of the attackers. Akira is not an uncommon name in Britannia by far, and the name could well have been an alias, but watch your back for invisible attacks, they just might be Akira!

- Addendum -

Two more names have come to my attention, Avatar-X and Zina, in relation to the murder/slander/bug abuse incident at the Orc Fort near Vesper. Neither of the two, in addition to Akira, found before matched any of the members of the Pirates of Dark Water or the Mercs.

This does not rule out the possibility of aliases used by the killers, but it will make association of the guild envolved to this incident much harder. Jer, the 3rd victim in the Ithaqua/Ceryx/Jer party which met its end at the fort, bumped into the two and as such as able to provide me with names when I questioned him about the event.