1997-07-21: Pirates Capture Lord British's Ship

Global Edition

Pirates Capture Lord British's Ship

Author: Unknown Published: July 21, 1997

The seas are crawling with Pirates causing havoc amongst the trading lines as they loot and pillage cargo vessels and small harbors. However it seems that the thought of looting helpless merchants seemed to be boring for one group of Pirates when they hunted down and captured Lord British's personnel ship. At that time Lord British was safe at home in his castle in Britannia. Officials wont say why his ship was in Yew with a full complement of crew and escort.

"It was Edrick Gravs and his crew of Privateers. He's a barbarian for what he did, hope Lord British has his hide one day" a sea merchant said aloud to the group nearby who saw the capture.

A bloody site indeed. Edricks forces were overwhelming for the crew of the helpless ship and escort. There was no time for a counter strike of harbor guards when the Pirates promptly left with there prize.

When asking a survivor of the crew that leaped away to safety, he stated that the ship was carrying a cargo of treasures form all around and was on its way home. Lord British's ship was merely restocking.

Was it mere luck for these famous Pirates or are they superior to British's Navy?