1997-07-21: The Mage Gathering

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Global Edition

The Mage Gathering

Author: Senan Theodorus Published: July 21, 1997

The word is out! All through the known world, mages are preparing their reagents. They are packing their mules and rounding up their familiars. A convention is afoot. The moons have been scryed and the spirits consulted. On the last Saturday of the month, every month, all the mages of the known world will set aside their differences and meet to discuss the arts.

Regardless of affiliation and guild, we mages will come together as one force. Our first meeting will be in the city of Britain. There we will be able to hold duels of honour. Trade notes on Mage Killers (mkillers), Spellbook Thieves (sbthieves) and hunt them down as a group. If you wish further information, then cast the spell http://www.geocities.com/RodeoDrive/7625/index.html.