1997-07-22: Darkone Kills Three

Global Edition

Darkone Kills Three

Author: Maniac Published: July 22, 1997

3 people have been innocently killed. they say you cannot find him by "looks" because he changes his clothes often. He goes by the name of Darkone (thank you Feather for the name). He has killed 3 and will kill many more. He attacks strangers walking between towns by themselves. He murders them...takes EVERYTHING! I mean from the weapons too the shoes and hats. He has no guild of any sort.

I suggest you travel in at least pairs because he never attacks anyone in groups. He attacks from the trees. sometimes shooting arrows. He just now got a crossbow from his last murder. I repeat, his name is Darkone. The towns he is in are Vesper, Trinsic, Britian, Minoc and Yew. He attacks with two weapons. Arrows or swords. Watch out for this guy. I will keep you posted on more murders. his hometown is Trinsic.