1997-07-23: Is This Justice

Global Edition

Is This Justice?

Author: Silk Published: July 23, 1997

G'day to all.

In my most recent explorations of Brittania, I have come accross a most curious fact: The guards are ruthless. In Trinsic, for merely admiring the contents of thy fellow neighbor, a guard magically appears next to thee...and proceeds to CHOP THEE UP INTO BITE SIZE PIECES. Now I ask thee, is this a justice? Does the punishment fit the crime.

Dare I say no, lest I be slain for blasphems against them. The punishment for every crime in Trinsic, is DEATH!!! In Britain, the city of wonders, the guards are random in nature. They dispense their justice at their whims. Thou must wonder if a little bribery is at work here.

So what must be done, noble reader. Shall we revolt and slay the very protectors of our lives? Or do we submit to this cruel and unworthy dispense of ill-justice? I leave it to thee.