1997-07-24: British Invites Guests to Castle - Death Marks Event

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British Invites Guests to Castle - Death Marks Event

Author: Patrick Buechner Published: July 24, 1997

Britain--July 24--Lord British today invited a small group of Britannians to his castle, marking his first formal social event at the large fortress on the western edge of the city. But the festive occasion quickly turned sour when one of the six invited citizens attempted to steal some of the king's belongings during dinner. The citizen, known only as Maelstrom, was reportedly executed by the King during a banquet in his dining hall.

According to one of the guests in attendance, Lord British's guards did not appear to have an opportunity to screen the guests before their arrival at the castle. "Our liege is a trusting man," said local swordsman, Darkblade. "We were chosen at random and led to the castle. Unfortunately, one of the attendees didn't understand the concept of fealty nor the honor of being among the first to visit Lord British's home."

While the body of the slain thief laid slumped over the king's banquet table, Lord British attempted to raise the hearts of his remaining guests, citizens Morgoth, Sphinx, Allamon and King Mob, by leading them on a tour of his castle.

The attendees confirmed that the palace is indeed grander than rumors have indicated. Lord British has apparently fitted his multilevel estate with libraries, art galleries, and laboratories. The treasures are guarded by an elite group of guards that includes a knight fitted in a suit of gold armor. Lord British's throne room is flanked by majestic statuary and includes the Serpent Crest-the sign of Lord British's authority. (Those seeking Lord British will recognize him by this crest.)