1997-07-24: Lord British to Debate Lord Blackthorn

Global Edition

Lord British to Debate Lord Blackthorn

Author: Patrick Buechner Published: July 24, 1997

Lord British disclosed today that he would debate Lord Blackthorn on the subject of virtue vs. chaos. Speaking to the first formal guests at his castle in Britain, Lord British said the great debate between arguably the two most powerful leaders in Britannia would be held within "a few days" in his statue filled throne room.

Lord British said the debate would help shed light on the true nature of the shattered universe.

"Our world is not alone," he said. "There is more to this reality than meets the eye."

The king said that Blackthorn, who he considers a close friend, did not comprehend the importance of virtue in mending the problems of the world. "He does not grasp what needs to be done," Lord British said. The king would not go into further detail, but more details on the debate are expected soon.