1997-07-25: Crime Spree has Law Abiding Citizens Living in Fear

Global Edition

Crime Spree has Law Abiding Citizens Living in Fear

Author: Bunktavious, High Priest of the Temple of Circe Published: July 25, 1997

Citizens of Britannia, it has become apparent that an uncontrolled urge to commit violent acts is gripping many of our citizens. It would seem strange, that in these reasonably quiet times, that such rampant civil unrest would occur. Britannia has been generally at peace, the orcs have not moved aggressively from their coastal encampment, and the forests are almost clear of monsters. Unfortunately this time of peace has brought out the worst in Britannia's otherwise peaceful populace. Crime has become rampant in all of the mainland cities. Shop keepers are being murdered at their stores, and the militia is almost powerless to stop it. One reason for the ineffectual of the town guards may lie in their own corruption. While travelling in Moonglow recently, a usually peaceful town, I made it known that I sought employment. Being a mage, and scholar, I expected an offer of something along the lines of clerical work. Instead, I was approached by three different individuals, and offered a sum of money in exchange for committing an act of murder on one of Britannia's citizens. Myself being a holy man, this naturally appalled me, but to make it far worse, two of those who approached me were city guardsmen.

On another occasion, I was travelling from Britain to Yew, in search of employment, when I was attacked on the road by a band of four highwaymen. These men did not even attempt to rob me, they simply attacked on sight. Fortunately for myself, I was not weighed down by heavy armour as they were and I was able to flee after sustaining only minor injury. I proceed several miles up the road, when I passed another stranger just outside of Yew. Out of kindness, I paused briefly in my flight to warn the lone traveller of the bandits further down the road. Without a word, he proceeded to fire three arrows into my chest.

For those of you who have never experienced death, I must say it is not a pleasant experience. Its a very cold and numbing feeling, the whole world appearing as nothing but a greyed blur. Seeing ones own body lying on the ground is also rather unsettling. Anyway, back to the bandit, as I was now a spirit, I decided to wait and see what further acts this despicable murderer would do. Without warning to any of his victims, he slew six more travellers on the road just outside Yew in a matter of minutes. Did the guard marshal a force and put an end to this blatantly evil criminal? As you can guess, no they did not. They quoted some regulation about city limits, and protecting peoples homes to me (after I visited a shrine, and survived returning to town). It has become apparent that Lord British's guards are not enough to protect the people, therefore it has become necessary that we protect ourselves. I'm not the one to organize such efforts, I'm only a scholar, so I write this hoping to inspire those who stand for order to strike back and restore the balance. It may only be the result of the stagnant, uneventful atmosphere, or it may be something deeper at the root, but this wave of unending crime must be stopped. If the people of Britannia do not stand up for themselves, our world will degenerate into unending chaos.