1997-07-25: Gold in Short Supply!

Global Edition

Gold in Short Supply!

Author: Fenwraith Published: July 25, 1997

In my travels I have noted a disturbing trend. Few, if any merchants have the gold needed to purchase large items. This is most disheartening. This, coupled with the Merchants Guilds condemnation of Bartering makes life in Britannia difficult. I propose thusly. If a merchant has not the funds for a transaction, let him offer trade. Credit could be given on the offered item to be taken by the buyer immediately for stock on hand. Credit not taken would be forfiet. No tabs, I.O.U's, or cash returns. I found myself in a situation wherein I had four Bows and no Arrows. Corracio the Bowyer, had not the cash to purchase my wares. I would have been satisfied with a trade of 30 gold credit for my bows which have a market value of 88 gold. Such credit I could have taken in the form of 15 arrows, which have a cost of 2 gold. I would have been happy and Corracio would have made a fair profit. Only the oppressive rules of the Merchants Guild prevented this transaction. A system of Barter, endorsed by the Merchants Guild would improve the life of the honest Britannian.

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