1997-07-25: Influx of Adventurers has Economic Consequences

Global Edition

Influx of Adventurers has Economic Consequences

Author: Fatman Published: July 25, 1997

The towns of Britannia are abuzz with talk of the many newcomers that have appeared in recent days. While many merchants at first have welcomed the newcomers as a chance to expand their clientele and turn greater profits, others are now worried about the long-term impact that such a mass immigration could have.

Blacksmiths on the whole were upbeat on the situation. Master Smith Gregor Ivanov of Trinsic summed it up, "More Adventurers mean more armour and swords sold! Methinks 'tis time to acquire a new apprentice..." On the other hand, Weavers and Tailors were worried. "I've 'eard tell that many of these adventurers are somewhat skilled in the arts of talioring" sniffed Tailor Margeret Mandell, "Mark my words, they'll soon be setting up shop just outside my own-and then who would buy my clothes?" Overall, there was strong concern that newcomers knowledgable in crafts and trades would put honest, well-established Britannian merchants out of work.

The earnest hard work of adventurers may also result in a glut of foodstuffs, according to Butcher Reynold Eamon. "All the time I see warriors coming back from the wilds with great hunks of meat from deer and rabbits. Do these people realise that Britannia doesn't have quite so many mouths to feed as they think? I'm having to salt and store most of what they sell to me now-and I'm running out of space to put sausage..." Farmer Blair of Britain says it best, "Oi wishes these adventurers would go back to killin' dragons and ettins and suchlike. Tailors and Carpenters! Why, in my day ye'd be laughed out of town if ye showed up with a sewing kit!"