1997-07-25: Mystery in the Cave

Global Edition

Mystery in the Cave

Author: Sonny Published: July 25, 1997

A tragic event happened today, local town folk seeking revenge for the suspected bloodbaths that would not leave their conscience.

Every day several strong go off to explore the dungeons never to return. Many have speculated their fate, they assumed monsters at first. However, some of the strongest men have never returned from the depths and they grew suspicious. A strong young fellow, by the name of PoiZon decided he was going to find out, and that he would survive to tell the others what had become of their brethren. A young boy spotted him coming out of the dungeon, two arrow wounds and a severe piercing wound to his hip. He survived barely long enough to tell the people that their were men in their, out to waylay adventurers and loot their bodies dry. After he died this was confirmed by the healer, adept in forensic evaluation, saying the arrows were poisoned.

The townsfolk were quick to assemble a 15-man crusade for the better of all men, and beast for that matter. As they neared the dungeon one of the men spotted a gargoyle, outside the dungeon near trees. A young, cocky archer initiated a bloodbath with the firing of two arrows to scare it off. As it approached the men they all engaged, the gargoyle dropped 7 men dead, and severely wounded two.

"We were just out for a good cause, to help defend what little we have been blessed with" said one adventurer. "I would have never expected such titanic combat from a gargoyle!" exclaimed the bloody archer. "This should inspire more people to help our cause" complained a warrior attempting to piece together his new shield.