1997-07-25: Stop and Pay Your Toll

Global Edition

Stop and Pay Your Toll

Author: Cobra SOC Published: July 25, 1997

Hail and Well met travelers and fellow Brit's.

On my never ending journey throughout this joyous and chaotic land I've happened upon things now then that I might share, so to keep any from peril unwanted, or, to guide to adventure, those of that bent. To wit: On a easy stroll just south of Britian, keeping to the path, I happened upon some enterprising souls who deemed any who passed a means of income. Forcibly removing their belongings from them. Well what could one do? I chased the ruffians away but alas their victims were most dead and bereft of wealth. Poor sods, may they rest easy were i buried them.

One last thing, a little further south I noticed the lizardmen were stray far to close to town for comfort. Until another time. Fare thee well my friends.