1997-07-26: Britain Turned Into Disgusting Pile of Goo

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Britain Turned Into Disgusting Pile of Goo

Author: Disgruntled Postmaster Published: July 26, 1997

The carnage was terrible, and the town of Britain, known for its cleanliness, was turned into a disgusting pile of goo in just a few minutes.

This terrible event occurred next to the Sweet Dreams Inn, on the side facing Lord British's castle a few minutes before the forced curfew of midnight until 10 AM. Here, a man summoned at least two daemons. He ordered them to attack random passersby. "Attack the guy with the yellow shirt" the summoner said without care.

Later, one daemon was seen flying in the direction away from the castle being chased by a well-armored man in blue.

The exact body count is not known but is estimated to be around ten or fifteen, maybe more.

Being an inexperienced wimp, this reporter ran before getting story details like names and whether or not the caster was a mage or just some guy who knows mage stuff and exact body count. Still, many people died as many watched in horror, but mostly amusement.