1997-07-31: The Elf Vanishes

Global Edition

The Elf Vanishes

Author: Unknown Published: July 31, 1997

'Twas earlier today that the mysterious being known only as 'The Elf' vanished from plain sight in the city of Trinsic.

Eyewitnesses say that once "The Elf" had vanished from sight he began to move about fair Trinsic and snoop through their belongings. Soon afterward the Invisible "Elf" Struck up a kinship with a Local citizen of Trinsic, who went by the name of Arthur.

The Evil, most foul Elf struck a deal with Arthur to lead warriors into the forest so that the most invisible Elf could pelt the unsuspecting warriors with arrows, and then rob them of their belongings.

So far, three deaths have occurred from this incident.

This is a problem we cannot let lie as powerful as it is. We must take a stand against these bad deeds! I personally propose that we, the good people of Britannia, collect in bands as large as we can, and search for the sources of the evil, and utterly obliterate it! No ill-famed guild, community, or even clan must survive. We must ! lynch these hellish individuals without trial!