1997-09-04: Deja Vu

Global Edition

Deja Vu

Author: Unknown author Published: September 4, 1997

Many Britannian citizens have reportedly been experiencing repeated deja vu. The world of Sosaria has undergone mysterious changes recently, and travelers and townsmen alike have found themselves reliving the same situations many times over. No one is certain what is happening to their beloved land, but many are becoming confused, and many more are outwardly annoyed.

Casually observing the blacksmith shop in Trinsic, perhaps the busiest block in town, one can often overhear transactions taking place... "Hello there, Tinkerbell!" "Greetings sir! Wouldst though like to buy a shovel?" "Aye, maiden. Seems we've done this before..." "Thou art right. Thrice times already today hast thou bought a shovel." "And equal times I have paid thee 10 gold coins..." Many conversations nowadays are being rehearsed again and again, sometimes more than once per hour. Britannians are finding that they no longer need speak their words because their listeners seem to know their lines already.

These are odd times we live in; the days do pass, but only at a staggering crawl. This author only hopes that the next time he awakes to the same morning, he is still able to find all his countrymen and not discover that they have all forsaken Sosaria for a more reliable lifestyle.