1997-09-04: Foul Man!

Global Edition

Foul Man!

Author: Geller of Xone Published: September 4, 1997

Well fellow Britanians, looks like the local mortician is going to have his hands as full as the healer thanks to "The Evil One", or also known as bRiTT, has gone on quite a rampage because of unknown reasons. The bodies of six people have been killed by this foul man. Two of the bodies were discovered along the beach near vesper. Bethor saw "The Evil One" attacking a poor miner. So he rushed over to aid the miner by attacking The Evil One. While chasing him, The Evil One called out for the guards to help and they accidently did in a good hero. The other three bodies were found around Covetous. LOP has declared war on this menace. The Evil One has effeciently managed to hurt and injure others, but not chasing them down to the death. There is some good news however. The Evil One has gained quite a reputation as a murderer and was chased out of vesper by 4-6 heroes. The Evil One has not been killed yet. He has been seen hiding around Minoc recently.