1997-09-04: Mage Ignites Ingots as Demon Runs Amok in Smithy

Global Edition

Mage Ignites Ingots as Demon Runs Amok in Smithy

Author: Paltry Few Published: September 4, 1997

Ne'er have I seen the equal to the magely prowess and wanton destruction that was unleashed last evening in Trinsic's armory. No less than 5 Fire Wall spells were cast in the span of an anvil's heartbeat, and the very first whiff this reporter got of such a horrifying event, was the smell of my own flesh roasting. I was negotiating the price of a mace with the Master Smith NIPSmith, both of us sweating from the heat pouring out of the nearby forge, when the first flames erupted beside us.

NIP almost threw me to get us out of the forge area as the second spell detonated at our heels. Three more walls were loosed in quick succession, leaving the entire forge area a raging inferno. Many people, overloaded with trade goods, lost their lives in fiery agony. I owe NIP my life, and have faced imminent death once again. I could not determine who the mage was; the Armoror's was very crowded last night. When I heard the triumphant roar of a demon being unleashed, I decided it was time I did something about those hides that were stinking up my backpack, and left the party to those better equipped to handle it. NIP, thank you for your courage, and your strength. I hope you survived.