1997-09-04: Murderers are Setting Up Base in Yew!

Global Edition

Murderers are Setting Up Base in Yew!

Author: Kremlore Published: September 4, 1997

Murderers are setting up base in Yew! They now control a house to the North of the Yew moongates. Anyone venturing in to the area surrounding this house is struck dead by either a city mercenaries, or by terrible magic. League together to fight these fiends, though they be human. I know only part of a name of the one who seems to be the leader. The Dread Lord Casca ------. I have no earthly idea of what his family name could be. If you have information about his name, and/or his counterparts, please contact me. These are evil abominations of human nature, and must be destroyed!

Contact me about any actions you may have witnessed! My friends, who will, for safety reasons be unnamed, are planning to attack them. We need more people though! If you are strong and skilled in the art of war, contact me. We are also in need of animal tamers and mace, as well as blacksmiths. We need armor, and weapons. If you have a high animal taming skill, tame monsters! they will be valuable allies, if we can get them. We seek to annihilate this evil group of scum, for they have taken many lives of innocent passers by. We must take -ACTION-! Contact me if you are interested in fighting back these bags of slimy hate/kill/death freaks! It's your turn to save humanity!