1997-09-04: The Ecology

Global Edition

The Ecology

Author: Kryptin Blackwood Published: September 4, 1997

The Ecology: one of the many great things Brittania has to offer. Animals hunt and play. Grizzly bear's thrive and the bunny population never seems to decrease. The ecology keeps the wilds of Brittania intact, without it, it would be a boring universe. I come to you with a simple request: "Let the ecology be." People slaughter animals for no good reason, often times not even advancing their skills. Animals that have done no wrong are hunted down and slaughtered with no justification.

The ecology, flora, and fauna, do so much for the world we live in yet we seem to challenge it's place here with viloence...... this confuses me. People of Britinnia, please do you harm any creatures unless the following happens:

  • Animal attack without provocotation
  • Hunting to improve your skills
  • In a very bad mood

Then let the poor creatures be, and preserve the lush wildlife we take for granted every day. Don't challenge it's place here, immerse yourself in it's greatness.