1997-09-04: Thieves Run Rampant Across Britannia!

Global Edition

Thieves Run Rampant Across Britannia!

Author: Faustus Published: September 4, 1997

Thievery within Britannia has reached an all time high analysts say. Comments like "I'm scared of going into town..." "I spend all my time in the wilderness. If I goto town it's a mad run to the store and a quick dash out of town!" are not uncommon. I myself have been robbed every single time I've gone to town. "The thieves are preying on the young and fresh as a kind of sick sport. They are not even out for gain but to reduce the poor to beggars!" says the Britannian guards.

When questioned about why they are not doing their duty and catching these thieves they say "We can't be everywhere at once. Also most of the citicens don't even notice they've been robbed until the thief is long gone. So have no idea who it was. How do you expect us to catch a thief if we don't know his/her name or even a description!". This reporter believes that at the present time new ways of catching thieves must be designed. This plague has gotten out of hand. "It is impossible to build equity! Bring in your goods to sell and by the time you reach a seller half are gone and by the time you get out of town all your gold has been stolen!" mutters an angry citicen. I issue a challenge to Lord British to wipe thievery from the face of Britannia! Otherwise many devout citizens are going to reduced to forest mongers and towns will be reduced to ghost towns!