1997-09-04: Watch Your Back!

Global Edition

Watch Your Back!

Author: Denin Published: September 4, 1997

Lock your doors and watch your back. In recent days the area between Vesper and Minoc has been a thieves hunting ground. "Twas just yesterday when I was walking to Vesper to sell my wares when this criminal jumped out and robbed me. I was able to see his name, but that was all I could do! He cleaned me outand then fled." a shaken Mircury Dragon told me. The accused attacker's name was MinionX. He is not alone in this crime spree though. Many people have been hit in this "drive threw" robbery, and more are getting hit each day.

"The mass population of our good citizens are in danger" Talken Irongut of Vesper's blacksmith shop said. "These bandits take your stuff and then flee to the safe confines of the city where they can quickly mingle into the crowded streets. Unless some one puts a stop to this no one is going to leave the safety of their homes." So I warn you friend, quicken your pace and look over your shoulder, there are thieves about and they are looking for you.