1998-02-04: City Of Honesty Getting A Bad Rap

Catskills Edition

City Of Honesty Getting A Bad Rap

Author: G-Man Published: February 4, 1998

Yesterday it was called to my attention that a particular thief named Nemisis, and his unruly band of ruffians, has allied for the sole purpose of robbing the decent folk of this land blind. New tactics devised by the rascals include: 1) Waiting by the intended victim at the bank with their bank account open and the backpack of the victm, waiting for the unsuspecting to withdraw money and other valuables. After the transaction is made, the thief quickly swipes the goods, and deposits it into his or her account, effectively preventing the victim from recovering the lost item/items. 2) The dasterdly group waits by the moongates, when their target emerges from the gate they swipe the good they desire from them and disappear into the woods before the victim can even realize what happened.

These are just a few of the dirty tricks up these thieves sleeves. So if you ever decide to journey to Moonglow on Catskills, don’t assume you’re safe anymore in the city of honesty... cause you’re not! Take it from a grumpy old mage... I was so mad that even cooking their bodies with a good old dose of lightning failed to sate my anger.