1998-02-05: Brialla's Journey Experienced Low Turnout

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Brialla's Journey Experienced Low Turnout

Author: Firthen the Sage Published: February 5, 1998

Brialla's Journey a Lonely One in Minoc this Year

Minoc's celebration of Brialla's journey was a sparse affair. The last few years have seen a decline in the holiday's recognition. This has impacted the Minoc economy, which used this holiday to sell many of its fine artistic wares.

When questioned about the holiday's lack of participants a local miner named Ghir Humec had this to say, “What with yer miners sweatin' blood in the hills and yer pockets nae full of anything save the dust ye collect while wieldin' a pick…Not many folk feel up to celebratin' mid-week…Maybe in a few year, when me eyes have a weekend to look forward to…Then maybe I'll don the robes and celebrate.”

The representative of Empath abbey who made the trek for the holiday held a different view. Her name, Elysa Malphane, may sound familiar to some. She is directly related to Uulthur Malphane, the legendary warlord who's protected region Brialla traveled through on her way to the northlands. Both Elysa and her brother Yerrick, a scholar who makes his home in Magincia, traveled to Minoc a day earlier for the event.

When questioned about the turnout, Elysa had this to say, “Attendance is not the measure we should use to examine the validity of a given holiday. Brialla's Journey is a celebration of free will, the right each of us has to decide how we live our lives. The truth is, this holiday has no leader, no prizes, no contests, no rewards. It is simply based around the joining together of disparate individuals to share visions of strength and discovery. I think it is a shame that people expect their holidays and eventful occasions to be gift wrapped and handed to them. Part of the experience is creating it thineself. If thou art not of a mind for conversation and laughter, then thou wouldst no doubt be saddened by the lack of activity.”

Yerrick Malphane commented at this point, “Sometimes 'tis necessary for one to create their own experience. Brialla chose her own destiny and followed her own dreams. Seems 'tis every goodly man and woman's duty to define for themselves what action they take on a day based upon their own judgement. I certainly do not want my life spoon fed to me by mandates.”

Minoc's council stated that next year they hope people will feel in the mood to celebrate.