1998-02-05: Juo'Nar Attacks Trinsic

Global Edition

Juo’Nar Attacks Trinsic

Author: Dougal Blackstone Published: February 5, 1998

While Trolls attacked Vesper and the lich, Lathiari wreaked havoc on the countryside near Yew, a warrior draped in black made prophetic statements to an adventurer near the Shrine of Spirituality. From the description given by Eric of MiRC the plate mailed warrior was recognized as Juo’Nar, an ex-paladin recently driven from the city of Trinsic by the local populace.

Juo’Nar is suspected to be in league with the Zog Cabal, the now infamous organization behind the assassination of Lord Hartham, one of Trinsic's most noble trainers. During the investigation of Hartham's murder, evidence was uncovered of someone embezzling both funds and weapons from the Paladin's Guild. The embezzler turned out to be Juo’Nar, an impetuous young warrior who was recently entrusted with overseeing the funds and inventory of the Paladin's Guild.

An angry mob soon ran the foul warrior out of Trinsic, claiming heresy and involvement with the Zog Cabal. He has not been seen since that time.

However, just as the simultaneous attacks occurred in Yew and Vesper, he was seen near Trinsic consorting with a band of orcs. The orcs soon drew the attention of the townspeople away from Juo’Nar and he vanished, only to reappear later at the Shrine of Spirituality. After brutally murdering three monks, he snatched some glowing item from the ground and threw it into his backpack. He appeared ready to leave at this point, but upon seeing Eric of MiRC nearby, boldly dispatching an orc, he stopped to converse briefly. A brief transcript of that conversation is posted here:

Juo’Nar: YOU THERE! Listen well. I have what I came for.
Eric Of MiRC: yes
Juo’Nar: The name Juo’Nar will be known throughout the land.Tell your foolish masters that they're time has come!!!
Eric Of MiRC: I shall
Juo’Nar: You're petty world of order means nothing to me now.!!
Eric Of MiRC: We will not stand for evil such as you
Juo’Nar: I fear not your foolish words
Eric Of MiRC: I shall not attack you, I respect your strength,
Juo’Nar: It would do you no good.
Eric Of MiRC: but I despise your ways.
Juo’Nar: Despise me if thou wish, you will kneel before me as will all of Britannia!!! These monks were but the first to die!
Eric Of MiRC: Hmm.
Juo’Nar: Your name will be numbered among the dead or the followers,there are no other choices!
Eric Of MiRC: I will be dead, never a follower.
Juo’Nar: That is unfortunate. The world is preparing to move on. my order shall rule.

At this point Juo’Nar seemed to disappear into thin air. What do his words mean? What was the item that he took from the Shrine? Is he part of the Zog Cabal? Or something even more diabolical? Unfortunately, it is feared that only the shedding of more innocent blood in Britannia may provide us with the answers we seek.