1998-02-06: T'was Grim and Glorious

Global Edition

T'was Grim and Glorious

Author: Shermon Published: February 6, 1998

Today, after waiting several hours for the Wake of Hartham, wich was delayed several times. Crawworth, a good friend of Hartham, and step son of the slain hero, led many into a battle against the Orcs. Many from both sides fell in the battle, (mostly Orcs) and eventually, the good people of Trinsic defeated wave after grusome wave of the Beasts. But the sad truth is, those that fell in the battle were not honored. Thier bodies were pillaged and looted. Some of their remains desecrated. Twas a disgrace to our land. Crawworth, though brave and vialant, could not stop the looting, and many a grand warrior lost that which he held dear. I call upon the citizens of Britannia to stop looting those that die, unless they attacked you, or died by the guards hands. If you see a beast take a mans life, hold his items until he returns to claim them. Have a little honor. Seeing that wich you have worked so hard for be taken away by a Person whom I can not describe with the words I wish to, is like seeing your child run over by a steam roller. And trust me Lads, it aint pretty.

So next time you look down on at a strangers body, slit open from thigh to neck, with his bowels on the ground at his feet, think of how good you felt when he handed you back the items that fell from your bag, just wee moments ago, when that FireBall had vaporized your face.