1998-02-11: Traveling Between Towns Can Be a Dangerous Venture

Global Edition

Traveling Between Towns Can Be a Dangerous Venture

Author: Khenji Temason Published: February 11, 1998

Marcel the merchant has long been known as a keen, savvy businessman in the town of Britannia. He showed his intelligence once again by hiring a large group of mercenaries to escort him to Trinsic as he carried a valuable gem to his waiting associates. A group of no less than 11 brave souls, including Haj, Marcel’s longtime personal bodyguard, escorted the wily tradesman as he set out from Britannia and headed south.

Meanwhile, in Trinsic, a fiendish mage named Drexel, and his business partner, Lord Rikor, began building a mercenary force of their own, with the intent of attacking Marcel at the bridge between the two towns. It appears that Marcel had either heard word of the intended attack, or he felt that such an ambush was inevitable, for he endeavored to remain in the midst of his troops, to lessen the chances that he would be harmed, or the precious gem stolen.

When the forces met at the bridge (popularly called the Z-bridge by local residents) the action was fast and furious. Drexel and Lord Rikor, however, had pulled together a much smaller group for their intended ambush and their forces were quickly overwhelmed. The victorious Marcel continued his march to Trinsic. Drexel and Lord Rikor are believed to have disappeared once it became obvious that they were overmatched, and their whereabouts are currently unknown.

His foresight in hiring such a large force of attendants again came in handy a bit later when his party was set upon by a group of skeletons who seemed to materialize from the forest around them. This time the fighting was much more dangerous as several Bone Magi were present and set about casting spells at the surprised band of travelers. They too were dispatched though, and again Marcel forged on southward towards the walled city of Trinsic.

Unfortunately, there was still one surprise in store for them. A lone assassin, perhaps hired by Drexel, accosted the small group, aiming his attacks directly at the Britannic businessman. This0 caused alarm among the weary guards who were ill-prepared for his violent attack. But they rallied to their employers defense, and he was chased off the road by a small contingent of Marcel’s forces.

It wasn’t much longer after the attack when they finally reached the walled city. Though it is not known for sure what each man received, Marcel is well known for paying his employees well. Most of his men seemed happy to be within the confines of a city once again, and out of the dangerous wilds. Marcel himself was quoted as saying, “Ne’er again shall I travel the roads of our fair land without an armed escort. I was as surprised as anyone to learn how dangerous the wilderness has become between Britain and Trinsic.”