1998-02-17: Shrines Under Siege!

Global Edition

Shrines Under Siege!

Author: Tloi Hambrin Published: February 17, 1998

Of all the quests to the shrines I have been on, n'er have I seen such violence played out at these sacred places.

For several days now, terror has rained down upon various shrines throughout the land. War parties of Orcs, and Lizardmen have descended (with an alarming degree of organization) upon these places of meditation and reflection.

The latest struggle took place at the Shrine of Spirituality. If the murder of the three goodly monks was not enough sorrow for this place to endure, these latest attacks have brought into question the safety of any of Lord British's Shrines.

Lest my emotions overwhelm me, allow me to state how cruel and purposeful of action the barbarous monsters have been in their attacks. They seem to not be attacking simply by the lure of golden baubles or ready meat, a more sadistic bent seems to be on their minds.

The military has assured this correspondent that they are doing all that they can to maintain safety and security in these uncertain times. The latest Captain of the Guard in Trinsic has it made it his highest priorty to ensure that the Shrine of Spirituality be a safe place of healing and light...not a bloodbath of tears and death.

I can only hope that the goodly citizens of this land, heed the call (if it comes) to protect these vestments of all we consider to be civilized.