1998-02-25: Rainbow Mages

Global Edition

Rainbow Mages?

Author: Kailen Yor Published: February 25, 1998

'Twas the first time in my short life I have ever ventured into the hedge maze West/Southwest of Britain. My kin always warned me it was an evil place. Aye, they were right about the evil.

As I strolled through town I heard the cry “ Mages calling themselves the Rainbow mages have hidden out in the hedge maze, but their powerful magic is drawing the attention of many a foul creature. Please aid us in vanquishing these mages, for their evil magic is not welcome in this land.” My heart leapt as I readied my new sword and caught a ride through a gate travel spell from a Master mage, who was heading to the maze to battle the monsters and find the evil mages.

I fought for what seemed like days, through the endless sea of creatures that had been drawn to the maze. Blood and sweat rolled down my face and my left arm lay limp from the wicked smashing of a trolls club. I could feel an ebb of power come from a building that was surrounded by other warriors Fighting for their lives, so I hopped the hedge to get closer to the battle. Fallen warriors scattered the landscape, as a Group of mages dressed in the bright colors of the rainbow and carrying staves that wielded magic with out casting, handedly stripped the warriors of their life. In my weakened state, I hid behind some rocks, and prayed they would not see me. More warriors came, but I could not count how many. They slowly dispatched of the dark mages. Many a warrior lost their life this day to protect our fair land from evil. The mages had been storing gold and weapons in this building. Were they planning to attack one of our fair cities? My mind was a clutter from these thoughts as I lost consciousness. I awoke to a Mage healing my wounds and rambling about the effects of fatigue on the body.

Until I become a more seasoned warrior, I shall stay away from that Evil Maze, I swear it... On my now used Sword.