1998-02-27: Death Trap, the Story Behind Fildan the Pyrotechnist

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Death Trap, the Story Behind Fildan the Pyrotechnist

Author: Dacyn Tiddry Published: February 27, 1998

I shall tell thee something of my life and how I came to meet the great Fildan. I progressed through life on the Great Isle of Moonglow, in the midst of our land's magic. My youth was filled with many wonders of science, magic, and alchemy. My parents were wealthy merchants and made sure I always had the best of everything. On each birthday, they lavished their attention on me, giving me the most wonderful of gifts and organizing the most exciting parties. My 18th birthday, my coming of age was to be the most wonderous of all.

I had heard in my meager travels of a roaming traveler who studied the magical arts not for the sake of knowledge as those dull mages at the Lycaeum do, but for the sheer fun of it. I heard Fildan was to be visiting Moonglow around the time of my birthday so I begged my parents to see if they could arrange a meeting with Fildan. I was amazed to hear that he was interested in meeting me as well! My own small magical experiments had reached his ears and perhaps he noted something of a kindred spirit in me. We spoke on the day before my birthday of many things. We talked and laughed far into the evening darkness.

I thought that would be the last I would ever see of him, but much to my surprise, during my party the next day, a bright heat searing bolt of lightning struck the center of the courtyard, the guests were terrified, and emerged from the haze was Fildan! He then proceeded to amaze us with a variety of magical tricks. With his skill in alchemy, he created many dazzling explosions in the air. His grand finale was the creation of a great dragon that rose above the party and suddenly burst, raining treats and candies upon all the guests! All of those present were impressed by his display of magical prowess, but I noticed most during this time the sheer joy with wich Fildan wielded his magics.

After that most exciting party, I approached him and asked if I might learn at his side as his apprentice. He smiled and said, “Apprentice, nay, but partner! I could use a helpful hand now and then in my travels.”Since then I have traveled with Fildan learning many things and assisting him with his DeathTrap game, after ressurrecting many dead, and congratulating many who have survived his deadly game I can now say it was and always will be worth it...