1998-02-27: Harpies Descend on Trinsic

Global Edition

Harpies Descend on Trinsic

Author: Farthom Published: February 27, 1998

Today as I left the city of Trinsic, headed to Britain to peddle my wares, I saw a man running back towards the city, yelling about a harpy attack! Curious, I cautiously made my way up the road. Soon I came upon a grand melee – a dozen warriors doing battle with no fewer than twice as many harpies! Lightning crackled through the air and fireballs blazed towarsd their targets as mages assisted the warriors in their battle. Arrows flew furiously, with some of the harpies resembling pincushions by the time they were slain.

Long before the battle was done, I returned to Trinsic and spoke with one of the town criers. He informed me that the harpies had desended from the mountains. The reasons behind the invasion were unknown. Perhaps it was a raid for food. Perhaps they intended to attempt to take the city itself, though certainly none of them made it that far. More likely, in my opinion, they were simply following some base instinct drawing them to bloodshed. In any case, the harpies were slain. I, personally, would like to thank everyone who did battle with them, making the roads safe to travel once again.


Farthom of Trinsic, Merchant and Business Consultant