1998-02-27: Invisible Man in Vesper!

Global Edition

Invisible Man in Vesper!

Author: Ghuil Nar Published: February 27, 1998

Today in Vesper, many citizens doing their daily bank transactions witnessed a very strange sight indeed – an invisible man! Only his clothes could be seen. Many stopped to speak with him, whereupon they learned that he was Rowan, an alchemist of great skill who was attempting to create a potion of invisibility. Unfortunately, his formula was flawed and unstable. An explosion occurred, ruining his lab to the northeast of the city, the residue leaving him permanently invisible! Worse, a band of orc magi and their skeletal minions raided the lab soon afterwards, destroying what little had survived the explosion. Rowan had barely escaped with his life.

He was able to recruit a small band of brave adventurers – Lady Laurana, Mondane, Halon, and others. They set off for the laboratory, slew the orc magi and their undead lackeys, and recovered the ingredients needed to create a cure. Rowan is researching a cure for his condition as this article is being written.