1998-02-27: Lizardmen at Minoc's Doors

Global Edition

Lizardmen at Minoc's Doors

Author: Ashmath the Ranger Published: February 27, 1998

As I returned from a fishing trip in the south, my eyes widened in horror as I say several bodies laying in the road and the brush. I slowly notched and arrow and ducked down into a crouch, ready to spring on whoever, or whatever had caused these deaths. As I slowly approached the corpses, 2 males, I saw the vicious slash marks and spear wounds along their bodies. My experience with these beast gave me the identity of those who had done this: Lizardmen.

Not being fully armored, and not being adept in speaking to spirits, I chose to deliver this grave news to the good people of Minoc, in hopes that they had already heard of this tragedy and were planning to investigate. I sprinted past the bodies, and towards the town as fast and silently as possible. As I was no more than 20 feet past the bodies, a spear spun through the air behind me and slammed into a tree. I turned to see the origin of this attack, and to my horror saw at least 10 Lizardmen crouched in the trees and bushes, trying desperately to chase after me. I was not about to let them even near me, so I increased speed and finally made it to Minoc.

At the bank I was amazed to learn that not a single citizen had heard of this tragedy, and began to rouse the fighters and mages of the town to advance on the creatures and clear the roads for safe travel. The town guards were not able to aide the attack, as they were needed to guard the town proper. Therefore, only a volunteer force made its way to the South to face the battle.

As I coordinated and rallied more people to aide us, I heard news from a Miner that the Road leading East from the Mountain was also brimming with the reptiles. I soon had my hands full relaying messages from scouts and sending out fresh troops to protect the roads, and Minoc itself.

After what seemed like hours, but was only one half a turn of the clock, the warriors returned, some bloodied and bruised, some carrying the equipment of their fallen comrades. Shocked and saddened by this loss of human life, I asked as to the outcome of the battle. A battered but proud warrior named Titus replied “We have beaten the vile creatures down, and nary a one blocks the roads from this town!”

Elated, proud and saddened I gave my thanks to the brave and wounded, and said a prayer for the dead. These brave citizens and travelers had banded together to rid not only fair Minoc of evil, but perhaps made a small dent in the larger battle against evil in the whole of Britannia.