1998-02-27: Seer Mandor Kidnapped by Trolls!

Global Edition

Seer Mandor Kidnapped by Trolls!

Author: Olin Ythan Published: February 27, 1998

In the wee hours of this morning, Seer Mandor was asleep in his home when he was kidnapped by several Trolls. How these beasts were able to get into the city of Vesper is unknown at this time, but they accomplished the feat with remarkable, and even frightening ease. The Seer was not noticed missing until later in the day when a friend, the old, wizened knight Galdron, raised the alarm. Quickly a band of adventurers was gathered, and the quest to rescue Mandor began.

Galdron lead the adventurers north out of Vesper, then to the east. After a long journey, the travelers ran into a large band of Trolls, and several were slain. The party regrouped however, and pressed on through the troll scouts towards the fortress. Several skirmishes were fought and won before the party came upon a small hut in a clearing where the Seer was being held. Shortly, he was rescued, and all seemed well.

One might think this story would end happily. The Trolls slain, the Seer rescued, what more to this tale could there be? However, shortly after the battle, Galdron was forced to sit and rest. The fatigue from the battle alone had taken its toll on his old body, not to mention the numerous wounds he sustained leading the party towards his friend. Sadly, he fell dead soon after, giving his sword to his friend Mandor with instructions to deliver it to his daughter. Join us, citizens of Vesper, in mourning the loss of this knight, who was by all accounts the noblest of souls.