1998-02-27: Trolls Take Daring Stand!

Global Edition

Trolls Take Daring Stand!

Author: Rylthae Penston Published: February 27, 1998

The deadly brother Trolls who only recenty attempted to retake the historic wooden bridge that attaches the city of Vesper to the Northlands, made a daring attempt to retake their ancient lands.

The first indication was the placement of signs across the countryside. Although it was not known that Trolls possessed the reasoning power to write, these signs indicated otherwise.

When notice of the territorial markers was brought to the attention of the local contabulary in Minoc and Vesper, the officiates of those townes made haste to strike down this movement before the Trolls could consolidate their position.

This event brought to light the most disturbing aspect of the encounter with the Trolls to this point. How are they organizing so effectively? Why have we never seen such behavior before?

When the Trolls attacked the bridge on that fateful day a month ago, the world was too busy dealing with the other threats of Lathiari, Kyrnia, and Juo'Nar to pay more than a passing notice of this odd behaviour. But now, the officials of the cities agreed that this threat could no longer be taken lightly. Rumors abounded that the fledgling terror organization the Zog Cabal might be involved in some way; providing the Trolls weapons and supplies. However, the Cabal have made no official statement regarding these activities. The key to the organization, it was agreed, had to do with the oddly charismatic qualities (at least, charismatic to barbarous non-humans) of the troll Brothers G'Thunk (pronounced Guh'Thunk) and G'Splat.

The officials agreed that it was time that these two be neutralized, prevented from spreading terror across lands rightfully owned by humans. A bounty was put on their heads, and any information that might have. Alas, G'Thunk was left unscathed, however his brother, G'Splat was finally cornered and killed.

G'Splat had to be cornered by a number of our citizens. He possessed a strength that none had ever encountered before. After finally dispatching the beast it was discovered that on his body was a journal.

This journal appeared to contain instructions..albeit very simple ones...An exerpt of the journal was made available for us to reproduce here:


Written by LM

I will write simply so as not to confuse thee. Remember that the “humies” are afraid of thee. They do not wish to fight thee. They only need to have proof of thine resolve.
Stay in the North.
Do not venture into Minoc or Vesper.
Place signs, so that the humies will recognize your claim.
Fight bravely and kill many.
Make sure the weapons and treasure are gathered together and stored at the location we have decided upon, lest ye bring my anger upon thee.
I promise that the “humies” will surrender to thine overwhelming forces.
Remember to not mention me.
Serve me well and I will reward thee as I had promised."

Already scribes, scholars, sages, and soldiers are trying to decipher whom the author could have been. This indicates collusion of some form, but between who, for what purpose? What does an individual have to gain by teaching Trolls how to fight?

The larger question at this point remains, however, where is G'Thunk?

More on this and other stories as they develop.

May the Virtues guide and keep thee.