1998-03-02: Orcs Gather for War

Global Edition

Orcs Gather for War

Author: Grestkal Published: March 2, 1998

The bonfires burned at the Orc fort near shame as the foul creatures danced The Dance of War. They gathered from all corners of the world to this spot to prepare for battle. The Orcs did not expect a well-hidden thief amongst them. I, Grestkal, was that thief. I ran to town faster than I have ever run before. Screaming at the top of my lungs I yelled for help to all who passed. They looked at me strangely, as they grabbed tightly to their packs..I suppose they feared I would rob them. Oh, what a terrible time to be a thief! I ran to the nearest guard for assistance and he pushed me away with his halberd. I became angry and scared, for what would become of this great city if the Orcs raided? I finally ran to the town cryer and begged him to heed my words. He threatened me with my life if I were lying, but soon began to yell my story.

I ran back to the woods near the fort as warriors gathered in mass numbers to head off the Orcs. The battle swayed to and fro; no side gaining ground over the other. I thought it would never end. The Orcs came in waves of never ending death. The warriors fought harder feeling the urgency of the matter, and finally pushed their way into the fort. The fires were doused and the remaining Orcs slaughtered. Many a tale will be told of this battle in the taverns of my home. I shall listen to those who tell them and smile as I pick their pockets.